The Artist / Founder
The mystic and the exotic; the classic and the contemporary; the silk route; the souks of North Africa; the old markets of Damascus and then a dash of the modern; all coexist in a harmonious balance. Welcome to L’Aristote, a differentiated shopping experience in the heart of New York’s Manhattan district. L’Aristote offers you escape in the time spent here. The store is a stylized expression of its founder, Hanan Zdeg, an artist of Moroccan descent.
L’Aristote has a little something for everyone, with its eclectic collection of classic, seasonal, private-label, locally focused and handcrafted goods that are carefully chosen and sourced from exotic locations all over the world. The store is the perfect place to add a touch of the exotica to your home’s interiors. And if you’re looking for a dash of healing, you could even choose from the special handmade soaps, oils and candles that are infused with the mystical healing powers of the orient; and blessed with the soothing prayers of the artist with much love and passion.
Partake in the positive karmic energy that resonates in the calm oasis of L’Aristote and indulge yourself by taking away some of the magic back with you.

Go ahead and be enamored by what you could take for your home, your loved ones and yourself.